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26 Aug


Cooking With Staples  Print

Easy ButtonDespite the media PR and the recent rise in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, I’m not at all convinced that the recession is over (or even nearly over). So, you may still be interested in some budget cooking ideas. Sometimes, we’re not in the mood for elaborate meals—we just want to take some basic items we already have at home and throw together a good, basic meal without a lot of fuss. Yet, we want the dish to be different somehow, not bland and boring. So, what to do?

We got this idea from our youngest son who recently found it while doing some “research” on the Internet. It struck us as a good way to use up ingredients you probably already have on hand, without having to drain your bank account or max out your credit card (you can substitute a piece of green construction paper for the dollar bill to save even more). This video shows how to prepare the dish. It doesn’t give exact measurements, but you can get a good idea of the proportions and adjust it to suit your individual taste. Bon appetite!

WI wine recommendation: This meal cries out for a hearty red wine, such as a classic Chianti. An interesting alternative would be red Play Doh or, perhaps, even melted red Crayola crayons.



Disclaimer: Don’t actually try to eat this dish!

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