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20 May


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Aussie Update RooAustralian wine is not one of my areas of expertise. I do enjoy them. It’s just that I don’t know as much about them as I do about some other wines. So, when it comes to wines from down under—Australia, New Zealand or otherwise—I go to friends in the know. One such friend is Dave, an Irish–but–honorary Aussie who was stationed there for many years earlier in his business career. I trust Dave’s opinion on many things, particularly Australian wines. After all, Dave’s kidneys have filtered more Aussie wine than just about anybody else’s. Although Dave doesn’t blog, but he does pass along some gems to me now and again. He recently sent me the following update; most of the words are his.

On his most recent visit down under, Dave tasted “a few very good wines. I wanted to send along the info and encourage anyone traveling to Australia to be sure to try these producers.” Dave loved the 2006 Hillside Shiraz (“excellent”) from Kay Brothers Amery Vineyards & Winery. “Their 2006 Block 6 Shiraz is supposed to be an even better drop.” He also enjoyed a Clarendon Hills 2002 Grenache (priced around AUS$49 or US$31 (“terrific”). Last, but not least, Dave recommends the Henschke 2004 Shiraz “Mount Edlestone” (priced around AUS$89 or US$57—”an excellent drop”). Dave added, “Dollar for dollar, Australian wines have great value for the cost, and the current exchange rate helps as well.” It helps to have friends in low places! Thanks for the update, Dave.