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03 Dec


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Continuing on with our top gift picks that will titillate and thrill the wino on your list, today’s post reveals an assortment of items we found to be well–designed, useful or clever. All of them are perfect for stuffing in a stocking or your host’s or hostess’ hands as you breeze in the door. Some even fit the bill for both purposes. Priced at between $14 and $45, there is something for every wine lover on your gift list. What could be better than that?

Category Two: Stocking Stuffers & Hostess Gifts

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Vinotagz from modern–twistThis little item was our favorite of the lot (not only for its eye–appeal, but for its clever design). Vinotagz ($14–$16 for a six–pack) are translucent silicone stem markers that not only help keep track of your glass of wine (with colorful, imprinted designs that can be written on, wiped off and reused), but also perform double–duty as napkin rings. And look at the storage box…when closed, it fits ever so neatly on the neck of your wine bottle gift! Matching coasters ($23 for a four–pack) and placemats ($14–$18 each) are also available in a variety of solid colors or fanciful designs that will definitely make the recipient glad they invited you! Check them all out at modern–twist.

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Quotable Wine TowelsThese whimsical quotable wine towels will make the perfect gift for the host or hostess who appreciates the unique combination of wine imagery and historical leaders’ and writers’ witticisms about imbibing. Our favorite quote was from Ernest Hemingway, “Always do sober what you said you would do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.” Ain’t that the truth! Sold in sets of four ($45) exclusively at uncommon goods.

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Rabbit Aerating PourerThere are so many contraptions on the market these days to aerate red wine that it’s hard to decide which one to buy. The Rabbit Aerating Pourer by Metrokane was released late last year and is probably the latest design in decanting devices available for this year’s gift–giving. What made us choose this one over the others? This aerator is made of BPA–free plastic. Its two–part design (the clear bowl detaches from the base) allows for easier cleanup. And if using a one–handed device is your preferred method of aerating and pouring your wine, then this is the item for you! We’ve seen it for sale at many places, though some are already listing it as out–of–stock. Crate&Barrel still had some in stock ($29.95 each) last time we checked.

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Tasting the Wine Country Cookbook & CDOne of the nicest ideas we’ve seen to present as a hostess gift is this combo package of a cookbook and music. Aptly named Tasting the Wine Country, this thoughtfully designed unit will create the feeling of a mini “getaway” to the wine country in the comfort of your own home! The 100–plus recipes come from 21 famous inns and resorts hailing from various North American wine country regions (such as California, New York and even British Columbia). The book is beautifully photographed and also includes paintings and wine quotes. Pop in the CD containing various styles of evocative music by accomplished musicians to complete the mood. Available at Menus and Music ($35 per book & CD set).

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Disclosure: We received samples of some products mentioned in our Gift Guide.