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This recipe appeared in It’s the Thought That Counts! on 06 May 2009

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries16 ounces white, semisweet or milk chocolate
8 ounces of additional chocolate (for decorating)
1 pound very fresh strawberries with leaves
To create the look of the strawberries in the photographs in the related post, you will need more white chocolate than dark. If the chocolate you are using is from a block or bar, chop it up. This will help it to melt more quickly and evenly. Melt it by either tempering it or melt it in a small bowl in a microwave oven (my preferred method). Don’t forget to stir the chocolate into a smooth consistency during the melting process.

Take a strawberry and hold it by its green top. Plunge it into the bowl of melted chocolate so about 3/4 of the strawberry is covered.

Pull the strawberry from the chocolate, twisting it to catch the chocolate back onto the strawberry.

Briefly turn the strawberry upside down to settle the chocolate and then lay it on the waxed paper–lined cookie sheet. Repeat this procedure with the other strawberries, leaving an inch or two of space between each.

Once all of the strawberries have been dipped and placed on the sheet, move the sheet to the refrigerator so the chocolate will harden more quickly.

Melt the dark chocolate in a plastic bag in the microwave (follow the same procedure as you would with a bowl, but instead of stirring the chips as they melt, squish them in the bag). Once the chocolate is melted and smooth, snip off a small piece of one of the bag’s corners. Now you’re ready to stripe, squiggle or doodle away on your coated strawberries!

Note: It is best to serve the dipped strawberries the day you make them. Storing them in the refrigerator dries out the strawberries’ green tops and also causes the strawberries to ooze juice (see the photo of the all–dark chocolate strawbs in the related post). They were in the fridge for only one day…definitely not the picture of freshness).

Serving suggestions: Place the strawberries on a paper doily–topped plate if serving as a dessert. If giving as a gift, put each strawberry in a foil cupcake liner (or paper candy liner if you have smaller strawberries) and line them up in a basket or decorative box (tap into your inner–Martha for this one).

WI wine recommendation: Champagne, of course! Nothing is too good for our Moms on Mother’s Day!