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24 Mar


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25th Anniversary CupcakeTime to celebrate! Today is our anniversary! It’s not just any anniversary, mind you; it’s our Silver Anniversary. That’s right, 25 years of wedded bliss. For those of you who still haven’t bought us a gift yet, it means anything made of silver (hint hint).

It’s also Wine Imbiber’s first anniversary. That’s right; we intentionally launched our blog last year on our 24th wedding anniversary. We didn’t realize then how operating a blog would totally consume our time and affect our everyday thinking. Everything from meal planning to family vacations and extra–curricular activities (like wine tasting and festivals) have taken on new meanings for us.

So much has changed since last year that we never would have predicted. Who among us foresaw the economy in such dire straits? It has certainly taken a noticeable toll on how all of us spend our leisure time and money. From what we’ve been hearing, the once economy–proof wine industry is even hurting. People aren’t giving up their wine just yet, though; they’re readjusting their usual spending habits to suit their new budgets. Wines in the $20 and above range have dropped in sales. It seems that people are now finding suitable replacements in the $10 to $15 range (and staying home to cook gourmet meals to go along with their wine finds). They are apparently seeking information online in record numbers on how to properly pair wines with the foods they prepare from recipes that they also found online.

Wine Imbiber 1st Anniversary CupcakeIt isn’t anything new to us here at Wine Imbiber, but hearing about this new trend has reminded us why we began this site in the first place. We plan on continuing our efforts in this area in the future and are planning on providing more information that wine and food lovers can adapt to suit their own needs in this tough economic climate. We’ll soon be introducing a column dedicated to providing innovative and economical ideas and tips about cooking and wine related topics that we hear about.

We’ll also be re–launching our Weekly Giveaway promotion next week for your recommendations of wine tasting experiences at wineries and tasting rooms around the world. We’ve made some changes to the program that we know you’ll appreciate and hopefully will encourage you to keep making entries and pass the word along. Be on the lookout next week for the official announcement.

As far as our furry friend–charities are concerned, we’ve moved them from the sidebar to their own webpage. We expect to add more to the list in the future and would love hearing about other animal charities you think deserve a spot of their own on the page. Don’t forget that animals are also being affected by the economy and being dropped off at shelters in record numbers.

Enjoy these photos of cupcakes (that I didn’t make). I finally had a good enough reason not to bake (come on, it’s our 25th anniversary!). I thought we’d try a local top–rated bakery and see if we were missing out on anything all these years. The general consensus was exactly as I expected. They were good, but at $3 each, I won’t be getting rid of my cupcake pan anytime soon. Besides, I usually have more fun making cupcakes than eating them!

Anniversary Cupcakes

Today’s post is dedicated to the memory of Joe, with loving gratitude.

Comments (8)

Bettie Infante said:

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! This is my first day on your website and I know I’ll be a regular visitor. I especially enjoy the recipes and Trader Joe’s Tuesday. We too are new to the web having launched our website in November 2008, we hope to learn from wonderful websites like yours. Best of Success in 2009!!

Diana said:

Happy Anniversary! 25 years is pretty cool. I hope your family and your blog will be around for a long time.

Rich & Leah said:

Thanks, Bettie! Thanks, Diana! We appreciate your sentiments.

Jennifer said:

Happy anniversary. By the way, I am running a great contest involving PEEPS. http//:savorthethyme.blogspot.com

Chuck said:

Leah, Happy Anniversary to you, hubby and your blog. I know what you mean by your blog consuming our lives. It seems that everything I do from shopping to reading has something to do with my blog. I’m not complaining I love it.

Last year we went on a wine tasting trip through the Okanagan here in British Columbia Canada. What a wonderful time to drive from one winery to the next. Tasting and sipping some of the best wines. It was also a surprise to see the number of wineries that are making there own Cheeses as well. That was a bonus! Wine and Cheese doesn’t get any better then that. Well maybe some bread would go well too lol!!

O well Happy Anniversary Leah once again and I hope you will have many many more!! Keep it up!

sara said:

Happy anniversary!

I love the silver foil cupcake liners!

Chelsea said:

Susie Cakes!!!! I used to work at the Susie Cakes in Newport Beach and I recognized the cupcakes.
Congratulations on 25 years of marriage!

Rich & Leah said:

Thanks, everyone!