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10 Feb


Trader Joe’s Tuesday (Bonus Edition)  Print

This isn’t my official Trader Joe’s Tuesday post for the month; it will be coming later. In the meantime, I discovered this video on YouTube and just had to share it with all you other TJ’s fans.

As you probably know, TJ’s isn’t big on commercial advertising. Apparently (though I’ve never noticed this at either of our local stores), they have signs posted discouraging in–house photography. Some guy went ahead anyway and created The Unauthorized Trader Joe’s Commercial with shots he took with his Palm Trēo. It totally captures the “spirit” of our beloved TJ’s! I bet you’ll never see a tribute like this made for one of those major grocery chain stores. Why? Because it’s our favorite place…it’s Trader Joe’s!



Comments (3)

Jayne said:

I love, love, love TJ’s and I love this video too! Thanks for posting it.

TJ lover said:

Too funny (and so accurate)! Do all TJ’s have parking lot problems?!

Joe Groupie said:

FUNnee!! Deserves an Oscar for best short film!