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This recipe appeared in Trader Joe’s Tuesday on 28 Oct 2008

Spicy (Spiked) Cider1 bottle Trader Joe’s Spicy Cider
1 bottle Trader Joe’s Lemonade
Dark rum (to your taste)
Cinnamon sticks
Dried apple rings (or dried fruit of your choice)
TJ’s pre-spiced cider makes this simple to throw together. For the young ones; mix the cider and the lemonade (2 to 1 ratio) and pour into mugs. My kids like it served both ways (hot and cold). They usually don’t bother garnishing it with the cinnamon sticks when served cold, but like to drop one in when drinking it hot for some unknown reason.

For the adults, mix the Spicy Cider with as much rum as you like (boo yah!) in a mug or hot drink glass. Heat in the microwave for a minute or two; garnish with a cinnamon stick and dried fruit of choice.