31 Mar

Lodi in Los Angeles (Again)

Lodi in Los Angeles Event LogoJust last month, we attended the trade and media session of the Lodi in Los Angeles wine tasting event hosted by Ian Blackburn’s wineLA organization at the Marina City Club in Marina del Rey. We had attended the first Lodi in LA event a year ago and we loved the wines we tasted. This year’s event started off with a very informative seminar presentation given by Stuart Spencer, winemaker at St. Amant Winery, after which we joined the broader group to sample many of the wonderful wines Lodi has to offer. Read on…

17 Aug

Rosé & Bubbles Festival

Event LogoThis past Saturday, we attended the afternoon installment of the Rosé & Bubbles Festival hosted by Ian Blackburn’s wineLA organization. As with his other events of late, this gala was held at the Leica Flagship Store & Gallery in Beverly Hills and was preceded by an interesting and informative rosé tasting seminar led by Jennifer Simmonetti–Bryan, complete with exquisite paired hors d’oeuvres created by Petrossian Restaurant of West Hollywood. Read on…

30 Jun

ROCK Stars of Wine

Event LogoEarlier this week, we joined the celebration at the ROCK Stars of Wine tasting event at the Leica Flagship Store & Gallery in Beverly Hills, hosted by Ian Blackburn’s wineLA organization. This event brought together some of the best and most interesting wines from a variety of locations. Read on…

29 May

Memorial Day

PT-17 BiplaneOn this Memorial Day, we pause to remember and honor all of our Veterans—those whose sacrifices enable us to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In particular, Leah and I especially remember our fathers, members of the Greatest Generation. Here are their stories. We salute all Veterans today (and every day).

31 Jan

STARS of Santa Barbara

Event LogoOn January 18th, we attended the STARS of Santa Barbara Wine tasting event at the Leica Flagship Store & Gallery in Beverly Hills, hosted by Ian Blackburn’s wineLA organization. The weather outside was wet that evening, but the wines were dry and the setting was picture perfect. Read on…

21 Dec

Madeira for the Holidays

Event Brochure Cover courtesy of Madeira Wine InstituteTwo weeks ago, we attended a trade tasting of select Madeira wines hosted by Please the Palate at Citizen, a unique restaurant spot in Beverly Hills. We were very interested in attending because we knew very little about Madeira, except for distant memories of wines that were sweet like sherry and, from our experience of decades ago, bore the image of wines that were either used for cooking or were of more interest to aged grandmothers fighting off the ravages of rheumatism. To our pleasant surprise, these Madeira wines ranged from dry to sweet and were delightful and, frankly, very appropriate for the weather and food typical of the December holiday season.

Madeira is a Portuguese island located off the coast of North Africa in the Atlantic Ocean that has been the site of Madeira production for over 500 years. Read on…

30 Nov

It’s Bubbly Time Again

Toasting to our 30th Wedding AnniversaryDecember is upon us and that means it’s bubbly time again—time to break out the Champagne or other sparkling wine to celebrate the season with friends and loved ones. After decades of enjoying sparkling wines and going through various phases, we’ve found that we keep coming back to our old favorites, even though we do experiment from time to time. After all, experimentation is how we find the things that become our old favorites over time. Read on…